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Terms & Conditions

Please carefully review these terms and conditions prior to booking

Key Things


All payments are non-refundable. In the case that a trip is canceled by Travel Buzz Travel Co., Participants will be issued a credit towards future travel. 


Trip cancelation coverage can be purchased for an additional fee, or through a third party. If trip is canceled due to lack of payment and missed payments,  no refunds will be issued, and you may still be responsible for the full trip cost.


If you do not specify a roommate,  then a roommate may be provided for you.

Terms & Conditions

All trips conducted by The Black Travel Collab are subjected to the terms and conditions of this contract, legally binding you “the traveler” and The Black Travel Collab. These terms and conditions have been put in place to protect both The Black Travel Collab. and the traveler represented. By reserving a trip you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement whether you have read them or not. This agreement outlines, among other things, our cancelation policy and limit of liability under certain conditions. Please take the time to read through the terms of this contract listed below:


Terms and Conditions 


Payment Deposits: To reserve your spot, The Black Travel Collab receives a deposit payment, followed by a customized or set payment plan. All deposits are non-refundable. The payment of a deposit for a trip shall be deemed as acceptance of the terms and conditions. Changes to these terms and conditions can only be made in writing and signed by owners. 


Trip Pricing: In the case of billing errors, The Black Travel Collab.  reserves the right to re-invoice you with correct pricing. Every effort has been made to produce pricing information accurately. Mistakes, however, do occur, and The Black Travel Collab. reserves the right to correct promotional or pricing errors at any time. The Black Travel Collab. also reserves the right to raise the Original Price and/or airfare in response to increases in government taxes or fuel surcharges until you pay in full. 


Final Payments: Final Payments are due 30 days prior to departure without exception. Failure to pay by the Final Payment Deadline will result in Trip Cancellation, and any payments already made will be forfeited and retained by The Black Travel Collab. In the event that there is still an outstanding balance, the balance must be paid. Once the account has been deemed as overdue, the overdue balance will be forwarded to a collections agency and the “traveler” will be responsible for any cost incurred to retrieve outstanding debts. 


Past Due Payments: Payments that are past due will incur a 25.00 late fee within 5 days of the missed payment. Payments that are 30 days past due risk trip cancellation, and payments that are 60 days past due will automatically undergo cancelation. 


Trip Quotes: Trip quotes are provided for you at the time of inquiry, and do not guarantee pricing. Until deposits have been secured, pricing can fluctuate. If multiple payments have been missed, trips may be vulnerable to pricing fluctuations.


Cancelations & Refunds: The Black Travel Collab. realizes that most people who cancel their reservations do so out of necessity. Nevertheless, cancellations are costly to administer and involve dedicated staff time and communications costs. Therefore, all cancellations made later than 24 hours after booking are subject to a nonrefundable administrative fee of $300 per person. Cancellations made within 24 hours of booking will be subject to the same fee, unless your reason for canceling given at the time of cancellation is your rejection of these Terms and Conditions. This fee does not include airline cancellation fees. There may be additional cancellation penalties associated with certain excursions or extensions. Please note, however, that reservations made after the final payment date are immediately subject to cancellation charges. Cancellations must be in writing to be effective and include the reason for cancellation. If you need to cancel your reservation, you must call and speak to a Customer Service Representative. Traveler substitutions are considered reservation cancellations and are subject to cancellation fees which may also include airline fees. Please note that we do not make any refunds for any unused portion of your trip. If your travel companion cancels and you are unable to secure another traveler, you will be considered a single traveler and subject to the single supplement charge.Trip name exchanges may be made for an additional cost depending on the specific trip and airline terms and conditions, but are not guaranteed. All payments are non-refundable, Depending on the time and reason for cancellation, you may still be responsible for your full trip payment and any applicable  collection/legal fees 


Responsibility & Liability: The Black Travel Collab reserves the right to decline any person from participating in a hosted group trip, or to cancel a trip with proper notice, in which participants will receive a full refund for any unused portion of the trip. The Black Travel Collab also reserves the right to remove any persons from the trip whose behavior is deemed as disruptive, offensive, or belligerent to other trip participants, The Black Travel Collab Travel Host, or any third-party representatives. Should this occur you will forfeit the trip cost and The Black Travel Collab will have no liability, financial or otherwise.

The Black Travel Collab obtains the right to take photographs or film record any of its trips & excursions, and to use such content for commercial and or promotional purposes, by traveling with The Black Travel Collab you agree to the usage of any pictures or videos for this purpose. 


Without limiting the foregoing, The Black Travel Collab is not responsible for any losses or expenses due to delays or changes in schedules, overbooking or downgrading of accommodations, defaults by any third parties, including Suppliers, mechanical or failure of airplanes or other means of transportation, or the failure of any transportation mechanism to arrive or depart on time. The Black Travel Collab is not responsible for acts of God or force majeure events, sanitation problems, lack of medical care,

sickness, weather conditions, strikes and other labor activities, acts of terrorism, acts of war (declared or undeclared), quarantines, embargoes, blockades, criminal activities, or any other act or event beyond the direct control of The Black Travel Collab We reserve the right to modify tour itineraries and substitute hotels and accommodations without liability to The Black Travel Collab. 

 The Black Travel Collab assumes no financial responsibility for any cancellations or delays resulting from invalid passports, visas, or other travel document requirements, or for tickets or other travel documents that do not reflect your name exactly as it appears on your passport. The Black Travel Collab reserves the right to change the itinerary of the trip without prior notice. If the trip is canceled by The Black Travel Collab for lack of participation, The Black Travel Collab shall have no liability beyond the prompt refund of all trip participants’ payments received by it. The common carriers used are not responsible for any act, omission, or event occurring when trip participants are not aboard their conveyances. optional Travel Protection is available through a third party carrier 


The Black Travel Collab reserves the right to change the departure date of any tour as well as to cancel a trip or extension that does not attain a minimal level of participation. If The Black Travel Collab changes a departure date to a date within 14 days of the original departure date, cancellation penalties as described in this Agreement still apply should you subsequently decide to cancel. We provide trips in many countries around the world. You agree to assume responsibility for your own safety, and we cannot guarantee your safety at any time. Local conditions, including infrastructure, road conditions, medical care, safety and security, may differ significantly from those found in the United States. At any given moment there are also likely to be “trouble spots” in the world in terms of war, terrorism, crime, Acts of God, civil commotions, labor trouble, and/or other potential sources of harm. The United States Department of State and other governmental and tourist organizations provide information on foreign countries, including details of local conditions in specified cities and countries according to such agency’s perception of risks to travelers. We strongly recommend you obtain and consider such information when making travel decisions. We assume no responsibility for gathering such information or providing it to you. In the event that The Black Travel Collab must cancel a trip due to global unrest, affected passengers will be granted a complete future travel credit for the amount paid for the trip. The Black Travel Collab will not refund any amount paid by any trip participant who must or chooses to leave a tour prematurely for any reason. The Black Travel Collab will also not be responsible for the lodging, meals, return transportation or other expenses incurred by such trip participants.


Single Travelers: The Black Travel Collab is accommodating and encourages single travelers, single bedrooms are available on most trips for an additional charge, if this is your preference please contact your trip host with your requested to be informed and billed for the price difference.


Roommate Matching Service: If you reserve a trip with The Black Travel Collab for which roommate-sharing is available, and if you would like to share a twin-bedded room with another single traveler of the same gender, The Black Travel Collab will do its best to match you with a roommate.


Passports & Visas: Please note that a Passport is required for any trip outside the US with the exception of Canada and Cruises. It is the responsibility of the traveler to obtain the correct legal documents for travel. The Black Travel Collab does not claim responsibility for trip disruptions due to illegitimate, expired, misplaced, or lack of proper documentation, and will not accept any liability, cost or otherwise, for the absence of these documents 

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